Concrete Garage Pad Slab

Sudbury’s Concrete Garage Pad Experts

Sudbury Concrete Contractors are Sudbury’s concrete garage pad experts. We bring our experience and expertise to every concrete garage pad we do! You don’t have to worry about building your garage on ground that is not ready for it.

Here at Sudbury Concrete Contractors we are very knowledgeable about city permits and regulations. Let us help through the process of obtaining the right permits. Once that is complete we can move on to the actual construction of your concrete garage pad.

Why a Quality Garage Pad Matters

Pouring a high-quality, level, durable garage pad is the very first step in the construction of your new garage. Not having a proper concrete garage pad can cause issues for the garage structure in the future. Sudbury Concrete Contractors can set you up for success when we pour your concrete garage pad. A garage pad that is installed well and maintained well will be the support for your vehicles, equipment, and other items in your garage. Having a solid, well-built garage pad is also imperative for what happens below the garage. To key to keeping the garage from being susceptible to shifting and sinking is to building it on a well-packed, level subgrade. This allows the concrete pad to stand up to the elements and endure the freeze-thaw cycle every year.

Permits & Planning

Our goal is the create the concrete garage pad that will meet the needs of our customer and provide the exact foundation and support need for the remainder of the structure. We will meet with you and look at your space to figure out the exact location and size that you want for your garage pad. We also want to ensure that your pad will be thick enough to properly support the garage you plan to build on it. Once you have approved the location, size, and thickness of your concrete garage pad, you can lean on us help you get the right permits in place so that we can move forward with the installation.


Preparation of the Site

Once we have evaluated the space, we will begin preparing for the installation of the subgrade. If you already have an existing pad, we will do the demolition and removal of the old concrete. During this process we take great care to be safe and as clean as possible. Once the location is clear we can move forward with the subgrading.


The next step for your concrete garage pad is to level the ground. We will bring in all the necessary equipment and tools to get everything level. Then we use crushed rock or gravel and compact it down to create a solid surface to pour the concrete.

Pouring the Concrete Garage Pad

Once the subgrade is completed, we then are able to build forms with wood according the plan that was approved by you. A steel reinforcing structure to hold and support the concrete is laid within the forms. Once the concrete is poured it is levelled and graded before it cures. It is essential for your concrete garage pad to be molded just right to ensure proper runoff of water, traction, and durability. As the concrete cures, it is checked to make sure it contains the right amount of moisture. This ensures that your garage pad is exactly the strength and quality it needs to be to withstand the harsh weather that Ontario experiences. Our last step is to cut expansion joints and seal the concrete.

We would love to talk with you about the plans you have for your garage construction. Let us make a plan with you to build your concrete garage pad to get the entire project started off right!

Sudbury Concrete Contractors Are Your Best Choice!

Sudbury Concrete Contractors are your absolute best choice for any of your concrete needs. We bring our expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism to every project we do. Our customers are the most important part of our business so quality and customer service are our highest priorities!

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