Concrete Foundation Basement

Sudbury Concrete Contractors are your concrete foundation and basement experts. We bring professional service to pouring or repairing your concrete foundation. Living in Sudbury, we know exactly what your foundation needs for our ground and climate. Your home is your biggest investment. Do not let issues with your basement or foundation compromise that. Fix your foundation problems for safety, peace of mind and to get return on your investment.

Benefits of a Concrete Foundation

There are several benefits to choosing a concrete foundation and walls for your home. Concrete foundations are very strong. One of the main reasons why concrete foundations offer such strength is because they have minimal joints. The only joint is the cove joint which is where the wall meets the floor. Poured concrete foundations are able to provide excellent resistance to underground lateral pressure. Because they are poured with minimal joints they are less prone to leaks even years after they are built.

With our climate in Sudbury it is imperative that the foundation of your home or business be as resistant to water as possible. Concrete foundations have the benefit of being much denser and having less joints to prevent bowing and buckling.

Using concrete to pour your basement also provides builders with more flexibility than other materials. Because the process begins with the fluid form of concrete builders have the ability to change forms and molds at the very last moment before pouring.

Lastly concrete is low maintenance and fire resistance. These are two major benefits to choosing concrete for your basement foundation. Concrete foundations can go decades without showing any signs of cracks and leaks.

Pouring Your Concrete Foundation

Here in Sudbury it is important that your basement is poured correctly in order to provide an excellent foundation for your home. Sudbury Concrete Contractors will work with engineers and architects to ensure that the plan for your home or business is on track from the beginning.

Once we have everything approved by all the needed professionals and we have permits from the city, we start the excavation. We bring in all the necessary tools and equipment to dig the proper foundation. Once it is dug, footings are put in place below the frost line in the ground. Because of the cold winters here, it is imperative that the foundation is supported by footings that are below the frost line. This will ensure that your basement won’t sink into the ground and can withstand the forces of nature.

Once the footings are in place, the forms for the walls are built. The concrete is then poured into the forms and the floor is poured between the walls. Forms are removed and soil is backfilled along side of the outer foundation walls.

Foundation Repairs

Sudbury Concrete Contractors are your best choice for foundation repairs. Cracks and other issues that compromise your foundation are often caused by settling or hydrostatic pressure on the exterior of the basement walls.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a foundation specialist take care of any cracks or repairs needed for your foundation. Stabilizing a crack in your concrete foundation early on is the key to preventing worse issues in the future. If left unaddressed a crack in your foundation can shift a part of your home, and in some cases, your entire home. Cracks can also let in unwanted insects or moisture that can lead to mold.

Signs of Issues With Your Foundation

If you see cracks in your drywall or notice that your doors or windows aren’t shutting properly, these are telltale signs of shifting in your foundation. Other signs to look for include sagging or sloped floors, cracked stucco, chimney separation, and cracks in your foundation slab. Call us and we will be happy to come and assess your home to see if anything needs to be addressed.

Foundation Underpinning & Replacement

In most cases Sudbury Concrete Contractors can go into a home and repair the cracks in the concrete foundation to be minimally invasive. But other times some concrete foundations need a lot more work. Beyond repairing cracks, we can also lift your sinking foundation or replace the foundation entirely.


Underpinning your concrete foundation is a great option if your foundation is sinking or sagging. During this process the ground around the foundation is excavated. Larger footings are poured beneath the current footings in order to stabilize and support the foundation. The dirt is then backfilled against the foundation once the concrete has cured.

Complete Foundation Replacement

With total foundation replacement, the soil is first excavated from around the foundation walls. Next, the house is jacked up off of the foundation and the walls and slab are completely removed. At this time, new forms and moulds are put in place and fresh concrete is poured. This gives us the opportunity to make a new foundation that will give your home the support it needs. Once the concrete is cured, forms are removed and the structure is place back on the new foundation. This is obviously a very involved process but Sudbury Concrete Contractors bring experience and expertise to get the job done correctly and with quality.

Sudbury Concrete Contractors Are Your Best Choice!

Sudbury Concrete Contractors are your absolute best choice for any of your concrete needs. We bring our expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism to every project we do. Our customers are the most important part of our business so quality and customer service are our highest priorities!

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