Concrete Driveway

Sudbury’s Concrete Driveway Experts

Sudbury Concrete Contractors is your best choice for all your concrete driveway needs. Do you want to create a brand new concrete driveway? We are the best in Sudbury and can make the concrete driveway you want. Are you looking to resurface an old driveway? We will bring our expertise to help get all the maintenance up to date on your driveway. Whether simple and durable or elegant and beautiful, Sudbury Concrete Contractors is here to get you the driveway you want.

The Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

There are many benefits to having a concrete driveway. A driveway is an investment that is practical and adds value to your home. Sudbury Concrete Contractors is very familiar with Ontario’s winters, and having a flat, even driveway surface makes snow and ice removal much more manageable during the winter months. A concrete driveway is also an excellent way to protect other things like our homes and vehicles. When a driveway is poured correctly, it keeps water flowing away from your home and it helps to keep your vehicles cleaner. Concrete is also a better option than asphalt. Concrete is more aesthetically pleasing to look at and does not need to be resealed as frequently as asphalt. Also, concrete isn’t as prone to potholes as asphalt. Utilizing our experience to install your driveway will ensure you have a solid driveway that will be strong and keep its functionality over time.


Sudbury Concrete Contractors know how to properly install a concrete driveway and build it for the climate in Sudbury. The installation process starts before any concrete is poured. Given that there is a freeze-thaw cycle with Ontario weather, we must prepare the proper subgrade for the driveway before anything else. We will evaluate the soil on your property to ensure that we can create the perfect compaction and drainage for the driveway. We will level and compact the ground using the proper machinery and equipment to create a uniform support base for your concrete driveway. If required, we will use gravel or road crush to add to the subgrade to increase the stability and drainage. Once we have created the best subgrade, we then pour the concrete, perfectly mixed to withstand the elements in Ontario. We then finish up your concrete driveway making it solid and durable to support your vehicles or equipment for many years to come.

Choosing Your Finish

You want your concrete driveway to look the way you want and to be as low maintenance as possible. Choosing the right finish will allow you to add an aesthetic element to your driveway (should you choose), all while adding the extra protection that it needs. In Sudbury, you will need your driveway to resist the snow and ice and provide the proper drainage to keep water running away from your home, vehicle, or equipment. We can offer numerous finishes that allow excellent traction and grip while walking and driving. If you are looking for a more classic, clean look, you can go with a broom finish. Suppose an elegant finish is more what you are thinking. In that case, we can do an exposed aggregate or stamped concrete to add that touch of style to compliment your home or business. If you want to look at some examples of our finishes, go to the finishes section of our website.


Maybe you have a driveway that is still functional but needs some TLC. We offer resurfacing options to bring that old driveway back to life! To repair your concrete driveway, we can bring our expertise to fix the underlying subgrade, level uneven concrete, improve sunken areas, fill in cracks, or even entirely replace certain sections of the driveway if needed. Sudbury Concrete Contractors would love to come and look at your current driveway to assess what needs to be done. Our priority is to work with you and your budget to achieve your desired outcome. We look forward to discussing how we can help you with all your concrete driveway needs!

Sudbury Concrete Contractors is Your Best Choice!

Sudbury Concrete Contractors here in Sudbury is your absolute best choice for any of your concrete needs. We bring our expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism to every project we do. Our customers are the most important part of our business, so quality and customer service are our highest priorities!

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